LM Extras Aug 9, 2021

ALA Outlines 2021–2023 Strategic Direction

Just like legal organizations plan for the years ahead, so does ALA. In keeping with our ongoing commitment to our mission to provide extensive professional development, collaborative peer communities and strategic operational solutions, ALA has developed and approved a new strategic direction, which was released on July 1. It will help guide the Association through 2023. 

Valerie A. Danner

The strategy has four main areas of focus and impact: member value; diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEI&A); education and professional development; and influence.

Each of these areas has associated goals and tactics that will allow the organization to deliver on its commitment to the broader strategy:

  • Member Value: Design a member experience that is meaningful, accessible and personalized.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility: Embrace and advance DEI&A in our Association and the legal industry.
  • Education and Professional Development: Become the industry source for relevant learning and development.
  • Influence: Elevate the visibility of the Association and advocate for legal management professionals.

Each of these goals have strategic indicators to advance these efforts. They range from establishing confidence in a consistent and convenient member experience to fostering collaborative experiences and opportunities that remove barriers for underrepresented members of the Association and legal community. (You can read a full detailing of the success indicators here.)

“The new strategic direction focuses on those areas we believe are essential to the vibrant life and sustainability of ALA,” says April Campbell, JD, ALA’s Executive Director. “We are looking forward to bringing more inclusive, equitable and meaningful opportunities to our members to enhance the education and resources they seek, while elevating the ease and quality of connection opportunities they have with other members and business partners to leverage one of our greatest sources of knowledge — each other.” 

For more insight into ALA’s new strategic direction, check out our YouTube Channel. We’ve made videos that outline each goal. Stay tuned for more! Follow us on social media for frequent updates on our 2021–2023 Strategic Direction.