February 2023

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What's Happening at Headquarters February 2023


New White Paper Tackles Workplace Violence 

It’s a sad reality, but one we must be prepared for:  workplace violence. It can have wide-reaching effects in communities. Victims can suffer from lasting physical and psychological problems and bear the financial burden of care after experiencing a violent incident. For organizations, violent acts can lower employee productivity and morale and increase turnover. They can also increase financial burdens on organizations in the form of workers’ compensation payments, medical expenses, lawsuits and liability costs.

ALA’s latest white paper, Assessing, Managing and Mitigating Workplace Violence: Active Shooter Threat, can help you and your staff be prepared. Learn how to address workplace violence — specifically an active shooter threat — at your office. These sidebars offer checklists and additional resources.

Be sure to check out past white papers at alanet.org/whitepapers

Don’t Have ALA FOMO: Register for BIG Events at Annual Conference and Expo

The speakers and agenda for ALA’s 2023 Annual Conference — taking place May 7-10 in Seattle, Washington — have now been revealed, so start planning your schedule!

Make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to bring Balance, Impact and Growth to your professional life. Plus, don’t miss the Preconference Workshop on May 7, where you can receive training on Adult Mental Health First Aid and learn strategies to respond to the signs and symptoms of mental health and substance use challenges.

Visit alanet.org/conf23 for more information and to register.

New Chapter Leader? ALA’s Essentials of Chapter Leadership Can Help You Prepare 

ALA’s Essentials of Chapter Leadership is a three-day virtual training event intended to provide incoming chapter leaders with basic instruction on chapter management, as well as information on the importance of adhering to essential financial and legal responsibilities. The training will take place March 29 through March 31, and registration is open to all chapter members.

Visit alanet.org/essentials-of-chapter-leadership to sign up!

ALA Webinar: Approaches for Turning More Lawyers into Great Rainmakers

Becoming a rainmaker is tough, which means your lawyers need your help in building better books of business. To help you succeed, this webinar will cover some of the best techniques for helping lawyers build great books of business. David H. Freeman, JD, (who incidentally shared additional insights on business development in this month’s cover story) will guide you through the secrets used by top rainmakers for personal branding, building great networks (both internally and externally), delivering “wow” levels of service, cross-selling, getting and maximizing client meetings, staying top-of-mind, building great networks (internally and externally) and much more. 

Be a rainmaker: Register at alanet.org/upcoming-webinars for this session on February 22 at 2 p.m. Central.