November/December 2022

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Test Drive Gadget Reviews with Bill and Phil

The New MX Mechanical Mini Is the Key(board) to Productivity

If you know us, you know that we have no shortage of smartphones, tablets, laptops, hybrids, PCs, MACs, etc. If it is labeled a computing device, we probably have it. 

Bill & Phil

So it is nice to have a single input device (keyboard) that can be used with any of our devices. For this reason, we love Bluetooth keyboards that can pair alike with Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. Logitech has long been a favorite of ours for portable Bluetooth keyboards, so when they came out recently with their latest model — the MX Mechanical Mini — we decided to give it a try.

There are two features that we noticed immediately on the MX Mechanical Mini that we love. First, this thing is very compact. The keyboard is just under a foot wide and weighs just over 17 ounces, so it is very convenient to take on the road and easy to use in tight spaces. Second, as the name suggests, this keyboard is mechanical, meaning that the keys move via switches with spring mechanisms. We find that we can type faster and with fewer errors when using a mechanical keyboard instead of a membrane keyboard (when keys are separated), which is a common built-in keyboard on many portable computing devices.

As the name suggests, the MX Mechanical Mini is not a full-sized keyboard. It is about 75% the size of a full-sized keyboard, and Logitech sells a full-sized MX Mechanical for a little extra cost. But we find the mini version is very similar in size to a laptop keyboard, and we love how compact it is — especially when using it on a small tray table on an airplane.

“MX Mechanical Mini still can last for 10 days on a fully charged battery. With backlighting turned off, the keyboard can operate for an astounding five months on a full charge.”

You can also use it in Bluetooth mode or connect it to a device with the included USB-A Logitech Bolt Receiver. We find operating in Bluetooth mode is fine. Furthermore, you can pair it to up to three separate devices via Bluetooth, meaning we can use this one keyboard to type on our iPhone or Galaxy phone, our iPad and our laptop. Bill can even use this new MX Mechanical Mini paired with his fancy new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold smartphone, which means his phone becomes a nice tablet where he can type and edit documents just like he was using a normal laptop.

We especially love the key backlighting on this model, which helps our old, aging eyes see the keyboard even in dim light. The keyboard even has sensors that can detect when your hands just get near it and turns the backlighting on without actually having to touch a key. (You can turn the backlighting feature off if you want to maximize its battery performance.) But, even with key backlighting on, Logitech says the MX Mechanical Mini still can last for 10 days on a fully charged battery. With backlighting turned off, the keyboard can operate for an astounding five months on a full charge. Recharging the keyboard is easy via the USB-C recharging port.

We’re not sure why we love this little keyboard so much. Maybe it’s a minimalist mindset that has captured our fancy, or maybe we just love the typing action on an old-fashioned mechanical keyboard. Whatever the reason may be, we just can’t go anywhere without putting our MX Mechanical Mini in our travel bag.