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Our New Laptop Winner Is … Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360

We have been in the market for a new laptop and have spent quite a lot of time trying to decide which one to purchase. 

Bill & Phil

There are a lot of new incredible ones that have been released recently, including new models from the Microsoft Surface, Apple MacBook, Lenovo ThinkPad and Dell Latitude lines. We started our search by stipulating that whichever laptop we purchased, it needed the following qualities:

  • Lightweight (preferably 3 pounds or less)
  • Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Intel Core i7 processor
  • Long battery life
  • Ability to convert from a laptop to a tablet

We recognize that there are very good options that do not meet all these requirements, but these are the standards we set for our new laptop.

Our search was aided somewhat by Intel, the company that makes many of the processor chips found in computers. Beginning in 2020, it created the Intel Evo label, which any laptop can carry — regardless of manufacturer — if it meets some minimum requirements that Intel considers important for a business-class laptop. Some of those requirements overlapped with our wish list, so we narrowed down our search to laptops that were designated as Evo-compliant.


Phil has always been a fan of Samsung phones, but up till now we had never purchased a Samsung brand PC or laptop. But our search for a new laptop ended when we found the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360, which became our first Samsung computer purchase. For starters, the Galaxy Book carries the Evo label, which means it already has many of the requirements that we were looking for in a laptop. We opted for the 15-inch display over the 13-inch one.  

There were a few features about the Galaxy Book Pro 360 that really stood out to us in the selection process. Samsung, of course, is known for the stunning AMOLED displays on its high-end phone models. This very rich display has been replicated on the Galaxy Book Pro laptop. The full HD 15-inch display on our laptop is bright and the colors are very rich. Also, the Galaxy Book Pro 360 is a two-in-one convertible. The screen can rotate a full 360 degrees to lay flat on the other side of the keyboard. Even in this tablet mode, the device is very thin and very comfortable to work with.

“We recognize that there are very good options that do not meet all these requirements, but these are the standards we set for our new laptop.”

The laptop also comes with a Samsung S Pen for writing on the screen. It works quite well — we use it quite frequently to sign and annotate documents and to take notes. However, we do wish the laptop had a designated slot to store the pen when not in use. It will attach magnetically to the back of the display panel, but we tend to store it separately in our backpack so that it will not get lost accidentally.

The laptop itself is very light, tipping the scales right at 3 pounds. The 15-inch display provides enough room for a separate number keypad on the keyboard, which is one of the reasons we went with the larger display screen. The keyboard itself, while spacious enough, is just an OK keyboard in terms of tactile response. We wish the keys on the keyboard had a little more depth to them, but then again maybe we’re just being a little too picky. The feel of the touchpad has also taken some getting used to. The touchpad on the keyboard panel is huge, but (and again we’re probably being overly picky) the surface is so smooth that our finger tends to move too quickly while selecting items on the screen.

While Samsung advertises a 20-hour battery life, we haven’t verified that our model actually gets that performance. We are, however, able to unplug the laptop in the morning, take it with us to the office or court, and use it all day long for general office work (and a little bit of leisure) on a single charge. All-day battery life is very important to us because we hate having to scramble in the middle of the day to find an outlet to recharge our laptop.

Being that Samsung is the manufacturer, you would expect there to be tight integration between the laptop and other Samsung products. There is a Quick Share feature that allows you to share content very easily between the laptop and your Samsung phone. The Samsung Flow app also lets you share your phone screen directly to your laptop screen. There are further integrations for Samsung’s Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch, which we have not used. The bottom line is that the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 is a great laptop regardless of what other smart devices you may own, but if you own Samsung devices, the nice integration is an even stronger incentive for getting this laptop.

So we are very pleased with our recent laptop purchase. As of right now, our new Galaxy Book Pro 360 is scratching all our itches. But we are anxiously awaiting the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. We can’t promise we won’t be back in buying mode after the first of the year …