September 2019


Table of Contents



  • Big Ideas: ALA Executive Director’s Letter

    By Oliver Yandle

    It’s September and that means it’s back to school time

  • BP Perspective: Insights from a Business Partner

    By Jim Wrage

    The numbers make it pretty clear. In an expanding field of diverse talent, recruiting the best of the best attorneys for your law firm is a feat in and of itself.

  • Diversity Dialogue: Broadening Business Perspectives

    By Michelle Silverthorn

    I do a lot of speeches on diversity and inclusion. In every speech, I always repeat one thing to the audience: This is not a comfortable talk; it can’t be.

  • Innovations: Fresh Thoughts For Managing


    Most law firms acknowledge the need to improve associate engagement, yet struggle to identify specific tangible methods and appropriate metrics to tackle and measure this goal.

  • Marketing Matters: Boost Your Firm’s Brand

    By Ross Fishman, JD

    I vividly recall my first few years in practice ― the daily fear and anxiety as I struggled to learn the useful legal skills that law schools fail to teach.