October 2019

Table of Contents



  • Big Ideas: ALA President’s Letter

    By James L. Cornell III

    We are trying to solve 21st century problems with 22nd century technology using 19th century business structures,

  • BP Perspective: Insights from a Business Partner

    By Claude E. Ducloux

    Almost all lawyers in private practice are required to maintain a firm trust account under their state’s attorney trust account rules.

  • Thinking out Cloud: Translating Tech to Business

    By Ryan M. Anderson

    Some will point to possible risk factors, others will disagree with the promises of greater efficiency and heightened productivity, and some might even argue that the new “solution” simply isn’t all that new or all that necessary.

  • Test Drive: Gadget Reviews with Bill and Phil

    By Bill and Phil

    We live in a world of apps — lots of apps. As the popular saying goes, if there is some activity in the office or home that you want to pursue, the usual response is, “Is there an app for that?”