Table of Contents



  • Big Ideas: ALA President’s Letter

    By April Campbell, JD

    As we wind down 2018 and careen into 2019, I would like to pause and reflect on the state of our oftentimes invisible profession.

  • BP Perspective: Insights from a Business Partner

    By Dustin Johnson

    As programs and numbers are discussed, typically two questions inevitably arise: What can we do to better control costs?

  • Diversity Dialogue: Broadening Business Perspectives

    By Michelle Silverthorn

    When I started in BigLaw, I didn’t know how to succeed. I didn’t even know what success looked like. Partner? There weren’t a whole lot of black women partners around. Something else that wasn’t partner? It wasn’t clear what those other options were.

  • Marketing Matters: Boost Your Firm’s Brand

    By Ross Fishman, JD

    Spending other people’s money can make people quite generous. Frivolous, even.

  • Thinking out Cloud: Translating Tech to Business

    By Jobst Elster

    We have devoted many columns over the past two years of this column analyzing law firms’ buying behaviors and overall attitude related to cloud computing.