Facts and Stats

Facts and Stats

Corporate Social Responsibility a Selling Point for Millennials

Thirty-nine percent of Millennials research employee volunteering and other charitable work before interviewing with an employer; 55 percent who were told about cause-related corporate philanthropy during their interview say it helped convince them to take the job, according to a report from the Case Foundation.

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Fact: Most Firms Aren’t Planning for Succession

By 2020, more than half of the legal workforce will be age 55 or older. Only 26 percent of law firms have succession plans in place.

Is your firm ready? Check out this month’s Innovations column, “7 Key Steps for Successful Succession Planning,” and learn more about the new program that can help guide you through the process — a benefit that’s exclusive to ALA members.


Representation of Women Continues to Lag at All Levels of U.S. Law Firms

  • Just more than 12 percent of law firm leaders are women. That said, the average representation of female attorneys at firms with a woman in a leadership role is 3 percentage points higher than the average of all firms surveyed, and representation of female equity partners at such firms is 5 percentage points higher.

  • While women of color made up nearly one-fifth of first-year law school students in 2017, this report shows that only 8 percent of private practice attorneys and 3 percent of law firm partners — either equity or nonequity — are women of color.

  • Just 36 percent of all attorneys are women, even though women have comprised more than 40 percent of law school students for more than three decades. At the partner levels, the representation of women shrinks even further. Just more than 23 percent of law firm partners — either nonequity or equity — are women.

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Source: 5th Annual Glass Ceiling Report, Law360