Facts and Stats

Facts and Stats

Communication Woes in the Office

Fierce Communications and Quantum Workplace teamed up to survey 1,300 people across the country about communication in the workplace.

People were asked which communications were more susceptible to miscommunication in the office. The results:

  • 46 percent of respondents said emails, texts, telephone conversations, and posts shared to social media and instant messaging platforms
  • 11 percent said communicating in person
  • 43 percent said both
You can view the full report for free by filling out some basic information.

Did You Know?

According to statistics from Global Workplace Analytics, 50 percent of the workforce in the United States has a job that is compatible with telecommuting, and 20 to 25 percent of workers telecommute at some frequency.

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How Improper Document Management Costs Your Firm

  • Files in most law firms are missing almost 50 percent of the information they need.
  • 80 percent of information in firms is stored in email.
  • 1 in 4 legal workers fail to follow compliance standards for document management and retention.
  • Dealing with issues related to paper files costs 3.5 hours per week, or 7 percent of an employee’s time.
  • The time wasted on improper document management accounts for 9.8 percent loss in total productivity and costs law firms an average of $9,071 per lawyer per year.

To read more stats, check out the complete infographic from eFileCabinet.



Cannabis Policy Database Available

As we detailed in our September cover story, legal issues surrounding marijuana will continue to be an area of potential business growth for firms. CannaReg — a new platform maintained by lawyers and updated daily — is now available to keep legal management professionals current on cannabis laws and regulations by state. Learn more here.